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leif drews drewscph at
Mon Jan 1 11:28:21 PST 2001

What a blitz you have, hope everything still is going without any
Well how i undwinded the thread, i picked out one thread of the time,
and it was hiddious work.
It is rather stupid that they dont write wich size the thread is on the
brands of skeins!
I will try to ask Kreinick, and maybe also Hedgehog Handworks, they have
helped me very kindly before!
This work is going to be extremely interresting for me, the construction
of such a dress. They have one whole dress preserved from this time in
the same cut at Museum of Costume in Bath, and the bodice is also very
similar to one preserved at the V&A in London.
The dress is made in a beautifull blue colour and made of silk satin.

Bjarne from a rainy Copenhagen


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Bjarne Drews
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