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Mon Jan 1 21:28:56 PST 2001

> From: leif drews <drewscph at>
> Thanks for that.
> Does this meen that the thread he has unwinded gets to DMC 160 or is it
> DMC 40.
> How does these numbers work?
> > My boyfriend who also does lace work told me that he uses DMC metallic
> > embroidery thread. He unwinds the thread for 2 strands that equals > approximately
> 1 strand of DMC 80.

    Hello there.  My lady, Milisent, forwarded your message to me and I just joined
the list so I would be able to give you a faster and more direct response.

    I have been making bobbin lace and just started in needle laces.  For most of my
thread needs, I have been using either DMC crochet threads (from size 8 to 80) or
various DMC embroidery threads (typically for the metallics).  It gets a bit confusing
when figuring out the sizes however, once you learn the secret, it makes things much
easier.  The secret to the crochet threads is small numbers mean big threads.  The DMC
80 is about the same size as a heavy sewing thread.  DMC 8 is almost like a thin twine
or string.

    Setting up the embroidery thread to be used with other types of thread can be
frustrating, especially since the embroidery thread comes in much shorter lengths (10
meters or less).  By trial and error I was able to work out a system to use the DMC
metallic embroidery thread with the crochet thread.  The DMC embroidery thread comes
in strands of 10.  By separating it out to 2 strands, I was able to approximate the
size of the DMC 80 crochet thread.  As is typical of all metallic threads, it has a
different feel and elasticity (stretch) than the usual cotton, wool, or silk threads
you might be using for your lace.  You have to be careful not to pull on it too hard,
or you will snap it.  For larger sizes of crochet thread, you will need to add more
strands of the embroidery thread to approximate the same diameter of the thread.

    Best of luck with your project!

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