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Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Tue Jan 2 15:47:27 PST 2001

There are some basic Dover reprints (all at home, I'm sorry) that
>will give you a million versions of the basic rose, leaf stem medallion
>patterns and show you how to connect them to make what you want.  


>One of my books shows a bodice and walking skirt from about 1900
>all in Irish lace.  Mind boggling!

I didn't mention all the books I already have on Irish crochet, mostly
Dover.  And I picked up another one at the same place I got the hook,
because it charted everything.  (How easy can you get?)  That's where I've
been looking for non-traditional patterns.

BTW, the Ondori books, all in Japanese, are the best crochet books
anywhere.  They chart all the stitches, and have tons of clear and explicit
pictures.  They're so good you don't have to read Japanese to 'get it'.


>May I offer a bunch of links?

Woo hoo!  I will go there as soon as I can.  Thanx.

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