HNW - H-costume dropped subscriptions

Betsy Perry betsyp at
Wed Jan 3 04:21:20 PST 2001

After seeing an earlier posting to this list, I noticed that I hadn't gotten
any h-costume mail in the last few days, even after New Year's had ended.
So I resubscribed (mail majordomo at with a body of "subscribe
h-costume"), and, sure enough, I'd been unsubscribed.  I suspect a glitch on
the server.  When I rejoined, I saw another couple of messages from people
who'd been dropped from the list without their request.

If you're an H-Costume reader and you haven't gotten any mail recently,
you'll probably want to resubscribe as well.

Betsy Perry

Elizabeth Hanes Perry
Rogue Wave Software 
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