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Connie Carroll Connie.Bunny at
Wed Jan 3 13:27:30 PST 2001

Thank you for sharing this memory! I would have loved to see the little
I have a yarn afghan that was made for my Mother with a rose in the center
of each motif and them "squared" out. I'm sure I've seen a pattern somewhere
for it.

Mistress Bunny

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>   I've never made anything with Irish crochet. just played around with it
> some.  Mostly because I remember as a child:  my grandmother used
> to make the
> rose motifs...sort of as "granny squares"..but the layered  Irish
> ones...added leaves to the edges and finished them square to make into
> bedspreads (which for some reason no one can find!!!).  She kept
> tiny dolls
> in her crochet basket..and when a granddaughter was around..she
> would give us
> a doll..and one of the flowers for a "dress"...head thru the
> hole, arms under
> the first row of petals..  They were wonderful!
> Etain
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