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<< I have a yarn afghan that was made for my Mother with a rose in the center
 of each motif and them "squared" out. I'm sure I've seen a pattern somewhere
 for it.  >>

I've seen these...even made one with a different flower than a rose!  But 
what my grandmother made was of Lily ecru #20 thread...and was a true layered 
Irish Rose motif! ( I still have some of her thread...and a few of the 
dolls).  The dolls are about an inch high...sitting..arms 
outstretched...plastic.  I think they can be obtained in a bag of several..or 
at least they used to be!  ::sigh::  I have no daughters...and no 
granddaughters (yet!....and not for at LEAST 5 years!) so I haven't had to 
opportunity to pass the tradition on!  (and 5 nieces!  ::grump::)

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