HNW - 'lacis' panel in Edinburgh

Karen karen_larsdatter at
Wed Jan 3 14:36:10 PST 2001

Nancy/Ingvild asked:

> On page 32 of Margaret Swain's book, "The Needlework of Mary Queen of
> Scots", there is a photograph of a 16th-century panel of 'lacis'
> made up of joined rectangles.  It is in the Royal Scottish Museum
> in Edinburgh.
> My question is this:  has there been any publication of the graphs
> for these rectangles?  

Not that I know of, but they'd be fairly easy to chart (and as noted
earlier, they're similar to lacis patterns in Vinciolo).  I reckon I
could chart some of them and put them online somewhere later this
spring (as well as some panels from a French lacis piece I've got a
picture of at home, in Bridgeman & Drury's "Needlework, an Illustrated
History," I think?  One of the big heavy books with lots of pictures,
anyway) ;)  Can't do much charting at the moment, as my plate's a bit
full.  (Okay, so it's only ludicrously full.) ;)

There's also some Icelandic lacis (which is actually done in color, not
just in white) in Gudjónsson's "Traditional Icelandic Embroidery" --
and the Icelandic name for that style of work is "sprang."  Confusing,
huh? ;)  I don't remember the period for that, though.  But I think
that book charts out a few of the designs.


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