HNW - 1100-1200 CE HELP

Helen A Honeycutt merch_a_mor at
Wed Jan 3 17:55:07 PST 2001

Greetings gentles,  I have a request from a friend for information on
embroidery styles for the above period, especially those used on
clothing.  What we need is information on where to place embroidered trim
or motifs, what subjects were embroidered, and references we can go out
and get (both written descriptions and patterns and illustrations)
Between us we probably know every embroidery STITCH in the universe,
but... Also would anyone with a persona in that period be willing to
e-chat about the construction styles?  We are dealing primarily with
personae that combine Cymric and Aegean locations. could anyone still on
please forward this request to H-costume? Many thanks 
Helen Honeycutt
Mad alchemist and textile fanatic at large

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