Dolls and no daughters (was Re: HNW - Irish Crochet)

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Wed Jan 3 23:51:11 PST 2001

>The dolls are about an inch high...sitting..arms 
>outstretched...plastic.  I think they can be obtained in a bag of several..or 
>at least they used to be!  

Still are.

::sigh::  I have no daughters...and no 
>granddaughters (yet!....and not for at LEAST 5 years!) so I haven't had to 
>opportunity to pass the tradition on!

A friend of mine who only had one child (a boy) has just discovered dolls
for herself (she never played with them as a kid).  A friend of hers works
for American Girl Dolls, and she got given one of those in her favourite
historical period.  The first thing she did was knit the doll a pair of
cable-stitch sox and a pair of matching cable-stitch mittens.  Now if her
son never gets married and has daughters it's OK, because SHE's got the
doll to knit, crochet, and sew historical for.

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