Dolls and no daughters (was Re: HNW - Irish Crochet)

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Thu Jan 4 00:44:47 PST 2001

I finally have a daughter after having five sons.  I thought I was going to
pass on my sewing ability to her.  <<<CHOKE>>>  She does not have the
patience for that.  But I can tell you she has a flare for fashion.  She has
always played with her dolls, switching clothes as fast as possible.  She
loves to do hair.  Now she has switched from dolls to real people.

Last summer I took her with me on two dressing jobs with me.  She is nine
years old.  She is the best runner making it easily pass hoops.  She is also
great at buttoning and hoops.  She can pull laces on corsets easily too.
Now it is hard to get out of the house without meeting her inspection.

Her latest thing is doing hair.  She recently fixed my hair in a beautiful
French twist for a formal party I went to.  She tries out hairstyles on her
brothers, Dad, me, and all her friends.

So I didn't teach her to sew, but she has learned other things.

Penny Ladnier
The Costume Gallery

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> >The dolls are about an inch high...sitting..arms
> >outstretched...plastic.  I think they can be obtained in a bag of
> >at least they used to be!
> Still are.
> ::sigh::  I have no daughters...and no
> >granddaughters (yet!....and not for at LEAST 5 years!) so I haven't had
> >opportunity to pass the tradition on!
> A friend of mine who only had one child (a boy) has just discovered dolls
> for herself (she never played with them as a kid).  A friend of hers works
> for American Girl Dolls, and she got given one of those in her favourite
> historical period.  The first thing she did was knit the doll a pair of
> cable-stitch sox and a pair of matching cable-stitch mittens.  Now if her
> son never gets married and has daughters it's OK, because SHE's got the
> doll to knit, crochet, and sew historical for.
> Kayta
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