Dolls and no daughters (was Re: HNW - Irish Crochet)

Penny Ladnier costumegallery at
Thu Jan 4 10:56:42 PST 2001

I would love to know who has children who are picking up the costume passion
from you.

My oldest son has always had a flair for fashion.  He would love to major in
men's fashion... unfortunately most universities spend a lot of time on
women's fashion not men's.  So he is a business major in college leaning
towards marketing and advertising.

#2 son is an art major (sculpture).  He actually does a lot of weaving.
This is my child that had us thrown out of an art museum when he was five
because he wouldn't shut up.

#3 son is a senior in high school taking college level computer courses.
There is some art hope here... he has hired graphic artists and writers.  He
is designing and programming his own video games.   He really enjoys the
digital music side of it.

#4 son is our theatre guy.  He is into set design, lighting, and sound.  He
also loves history.

#5 son... well we love Sam... just can't figure him out.  He is our
competitive swimmer.

Well, I told you all about my daughter.

Penny Ladnier
The Costume Gallery

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