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I have one 12 year old daughter and 4 sons--11, 9, 4 and 2.

My daughter was really into being in the SCA and she decided she wanted to be 
15th century Italian Ren.  So, I've been making beautiful gowns for her for 
the last couple of years now.  She went to meetings with me and even started 
dancing. She wanted to learn to sew so she could help me make garb so I've 
had her on my other machine while I'm sewing working on the straight seams 
and easier projects. Last summer I found a beautiful brocade on the bargain 
table at Wal-Mart and I made her a beautiful gown.  She didn't like the 
fabric and since then has lost interest in costuming, dancing and basically 
the SCA in general.  She did say she wanted to go to the next event so I'm 
hoping to spur her interest again by embellishing her gown with pearls and 
such.  I had hoped to get her interested in sewing and had visions of us 
sewing garb together.  She couldn't even get through her home ec project 
without getting bored!  Well, she is young and I'm hoping she'll come around! 
 I want to take her to Pennsic so I'm hoping I can catch her interest as I 
get involved in making a wardrobe for us all!  She told me the other day that 
she wants to be in a Victorian type of group--it's hard enough making time 
and having enough money to be involved in the SCA let alone another group on 
top of it! 

My 11 year old son isn't into the SCA or garb so he for the moment isn't into 
any of it.

My 8 year old son loves wearing garb!  For Halloween and future SCA events I 
made him a jerkin with a fur collar, a cap and a nice shirt and tights.  I 
wasn't sure if he'd wear the tights, but when he saw the garb without them 
(with jeans) he decided on his own that it didn't look right without the 
tights!  He wants more garb and he wants to learn to sew.  This is the kid 
who when asked by my mother what he wanted to be when he grew up said he 
wanted to stay home and help mom with taking care of the house!  He asked me 
recently if I could teach him to sew so I will be starting him on some hand 
sewing first (although I can see he wants to get at my sewing machine!) He is 
also the one who is very fashion conscious of what he wears.  He tends to be 
quite a prep, compared to my other son who is into the thug look (yuck) and 
is very careful about what clothes he picks out and wears.  He seems to 
prefer Elizabethan garb, he likes the fancier stuff unlike his younger 
brothers that love simple tunics. 

The 2 little ones ( 2 boys, 4 and 2 years old) love to dress in garb, too.  
Especially if I make it like Link from the Legend of Zelda games (he is a 
Robin Hood like figure)  I'm hoping that they will continue being interested 
in garb and eventually even get into the SCA.  I don't take them to events 
and meetings too much, only because there aren't many other kids there so 
there isn't much to keep them interested before they start becoming a 
handful.  But they do love any reason to dress up in their garb and they love 
me making things for them.

We are still very new to the SCA and costuming in general.  While I don't 
think my 11 year old son will ever be into any of this, I am hoping that I 
can pass this interest along to my other kids.  It would be cool to have boys 
that are capable of  hemming their own pants, let alone being able to make 
their own clothes!   I'm am hoping my daughter will be included in that, too!

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