HNW - kids and sewing/needlework (was Re: Dolls and no daughters)

Sue Clemenger mooncat at
Thu Jan 4 18:28:27 PST 2001

*snort*--Sounds like me and my sister.  She doesn't sew at all, and
looks like a d***ed fashion plate, and I'm usually grubbing around in
jeans and tee shirts, except on weekends, when I'm usually in
Elizabethan. <ggg>

Carolyn Kayta Barrows wrote:
> My almost-17-year-old wants to design fashionable clothes and, of course,
> wear them.  She does no needlework.  She claims she knows how to sew but
> nothing yet is worth sewing (not if she can get me to do it, that is).  She
> does theatre in school, and is continually wangling me into helping out
> there.  I have designed the costumes for two of her plays, and have sewn
> several costume pieces for her.
> My almost-13-year-old does living history and science fiction costume
> events with me, and is learning several historical needlework techniques.
> OTOH, she wears whatever mundane clothes come to hand, which exasperates
> her well-dressed sister.
> >I would love to know who has children who are picking up the costume passion
> >from you.
> Kayta
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