HNW - 'lacis' panel in Edinburgh

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Thu Jan 4 18:48:28 PST 2001

Last I knew, the book was out of print.  

If anyone finds out that it is back in print, please let me know.  I
finally gave up pestering the publisher in Iceland.  They had a print run
in English for the tourist trade, apparently.

At 08:30 PM 01/03/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>> << Gudjónsson's "Traditional Icelandic Embroidery"  >>
>> Karen, do you have the full citation for this book?  Thanks!
>Gudjónsson, Elsa E. Traditional Icelandic Embroidery. Reykjavík:
>Iceland Review, 1985.  ISBN is not in the publication unfortunately.


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