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<< Could someone who owns or has see this book please describe what is in it? 
What time periods does it cover?  What techniques?  Is it worth $50?  Thanks. 

This 96 p. hardbound, half-size book has color photos of extant embroideries 
and pattern books.  Section 1, History and Techniques, has the following 
 - Extant embroideries <1 p. >, 
 - Embroidery Designs (with color photo s of two  pages of a 17th c. pattern 
book, and color photo of two pages of an 18th c.  pattern book. ) <4pp>, 
 - Materials and Techniques <1 p. intro>, 
 - Laid and Couched Work (2 color photos of 16th c. altar frontals, and 1 
page lesson with close up of small section and "how-to" for 
 - Straight Darning and Pattern Darning  ( color phots of a 17th c. valance, 
17th. c. altar frontal, late medieval altar frontal, ca. 1500 altar frontal, 
and two other undated pieces; 1 page "lessons" on Glitsaumur and Skakkaglit 
 - Long -armed Cross Stitch, Eye Stitch, and Florentine Stitch ( color photos 
of various pieces from 17th c. altar frontals to 19th c. mittens, plus 1 p. 
lessons on Gamli krosssaumurinn; Augnaumur,  and Pellsaumur )<10pp>
 - Darned Net and Drawn Thread Work (photos of a 15th c. piece, and 1 each 
from ca. 1700, 1683, 1733; 1 p. lesson on sprang [lacis]), 5pp>
- Floral embroidery (pieces more modern, lesson on Blomstursaumur Skattering) 
- Misc. Work (Closeup of an Elizabethan looking figure in early 16th c. altar 
frontal, , and more 16th. c. stuff as well as more modern) <8pp>
The second section is Needleworkers and Needlework Centers <10 pp>
Then Bibliography and then the last section is black and white cross stitch 

I paid $45 for my copy at the San Diego museum of ethnic studies (forget 
which one it actually is named, in Balboa Park) a couple years ago.  It seems 
steep for such a slim volume, but the information does not appear anywhere 
else that I've seen.

Melinda Sherbring, Los Angeles
(Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid)
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