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Hi Jacquie:

Hope things are going well for you.

Just wanted to personally alert you to our new website and e-mail address:
skinnersisters at

You can find all the back issues of Stitch On Line, our e-zine there as well
as our catalog, upcoming teaching schedule and photos of class projects for

Linn Skinner
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Subject: HNW - Goldwork class again

> Hi everyone,
> I took the Goldwork class from Linn Skinner at the Heart of Cross Stitch
> festival in Des Moines last Wednesday.  It was wonderful, if any of you
> ever get the chance to take a class with Linn, do so.  This is the second
> class I've taken with Linn and I am so glad I made the trip.  There were
> only two of us in the class and it made it even better for we students,
> I think we may have over worked Linn.  It was just too tempting to have
> make sure we were doing every stitch just right when she was sitting so
> close chatting with us.
> Thanks so much, Linn. I learned a lot and I'm busy planning all the things
> I can embellish with gold (if I can afford it all!).  I took the advanced
> blackwork class from Linn last year, and am now considering how to rework
> my project to include more gold, I haven't done the bee yet, so I think it
> may end up quite sparkly.
> I did take some photos of the things that Linn brought to show us and will
> post them to my web site sometime this week.  Someone had asked for a
> of the linen piece and if that person contacts me privately
> (mailto:msamples at, I will send you a copy of the digital
> image.  Sorry I can't remember who you are, I must have accidently deleted
> that message.
> Have a good day,
> Jacquie
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