HNW - Duchesse of Pembroke

leif drews drewscph at
Sun Jan 7 08:41:40 PST 2001

Dear list.
I finished the large panier dress where i have added the goldlace i made
myself. If you go to my first url. below and click on christmass dress,
you can have  a look.
Now i make silverlace for a barok dress, you can also have a look at
that if you click on
Duchesse of Pembroke.
My problem with the right silverthread is solved, as i found the right
size of thread with the Madeira Thread.
Now i have to make lace every day for the next 3 months :-)

Bjarne in Denmark


Leif Drews
Åboulevard 5, 3 th
1635  København V

Bjarne Drews
Åboulevard 5,
1635 København V

tlf. 35 37 13 70



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