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Jacquie Samples jacquie-samples at
Mon Jan 8 06:36:43 PST 2001

Hi Linn,
Thanks for the new URL alert.  I've updated my links. I'll check out your 
teaching schedule later today. I'm glad to see all the back issues on 
line.  I kept meaning to try to get the blackwork issue from you, but now I 
won't need to bother you!

Have a good day,

At 03:44 PM 1/6/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi Jacquie:
>Hope things are going well for you.
>Just wanted to personally alert you to our new website and e-mail address:
>skinnersisters at
>You can find all the back issues of Stitch On Line, our e-zine there as well
>as our catalog, upcoming teaching schedule and photos of class projects for
>Linn Skinner
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>Subject: HNW - Goldwork class again
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I took the Goldwork class from Linn Skinner at the Heart of Cross Stitch
> > festival in Des Moines last Wednesday.  It was wonderful, if any of you
> > ever get the chance to take a class with Linn, do so.  This is the second
> > class I've taken with Linn and I am so glad I made the trip.  There were
> > only two of us in the class and it made it even better for we students,
> > I think we may have over worked Linn.  It was just too tempting to have
> > make sure we were doing every stitch just right when she was sitting so
> > close chatting with us.
> >
> > Thanks so much, Linn. I learned a lot and I'm busy planning all the things
> > I can embellish with gold (if I can afford it all!).  I took the advanced
> > blackwork class from Linn last year, and am now considering how to rework
> > my project to include more gold, I haven't done the bee yet, so I think it
> > may end up quite sparkly.
> >
> > I did take some photos of the things that Linn brought to show us and will
> > post them to my web site sometime this week.  Someone had asked for a
> > of the linen piece and if that person contacts me privately
> > (mailto:msamples at, I will send you a copy of the digital
> > image.  Sorry I can't remember who you are, I must have accidently deleted
> > that message.
> >
> > Have a good day,
> > Jacquie
> >
> >
> >
> >
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