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Judy Nesmith ladydunpiobair at
Mon Jan 8 06:50:56 PST 2001

Greetings unto the List,

I have been lurking for several months and have
decided to post to the list.  For needle-working
supplies of all kinds I wish to recommend:

The American Needlewoman
P.O. Box 6472
Fort Worth, TX 76115
Store address:
2944 SE Loop 820
Fort Worth, TX 76140
Toll free order # 1-800-433-2231
Fax order # 1-817-568-2859

They have (among many mundane items) crochet pattern
books, filet crochet charts (which can be used for
filet lace patterns), "The Complete DMC Encyclopedia
of Needlework" ($22.95 US), tatting books and
shuttles, frames of all types and sizes, imported
European linen (80 count), evenweave linen (30 count),
premium Colonial sheeting (90" width and 108" width)
white and eggshell, Aida and Hardanger.  Paternayan
Persian Wool (I used this for Baroness Aideen's
bethrothal gown - bog dress wool on wool) 8 yd.
skeins-79¢ each, 1/4 lb hanks-$9.95 each, DMC pearl
cotton-sizes 3, 5 & 8, and several sizes and brands of
crochet thread.  I could go on and on.  You can
request a catalog and to be put on their mailing list
by calling the toll free number, or, if you are in the
DFW area, I highly recommend going to the showroom.  I
have been patronizing them for 9 years and have had
nothing but excellent, helpful, friendly and
knowledgeable service.

Siobhán (bosss)

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