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Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Mon Jan 8 20:49:50 PST 2001

>Here are some links showing nifty pieces:

I had LOTS OF FUN browsing the sites you sent me.  The last one had mostly
historical clothes, but it had wonderful close-ups showing all the hand
sewn details.  (Now I have to get over wanting to do Victorian beaded trim,
and couched cord applique, long enough to get this Irish crochet project
out of the way.)

You were right about little design touches of the period in which the
garment was made sneaking into the crochet itself.  One Irish crochet
garment had little cornucopias full of flowers on it, which are no way a
traditional pattern but which were very popular in the period matching the
style of the garment.

And, thanks to these pictures, it no longer seems like it will take the
rest of my life to do an Irish crochet garment.  The motifs are all spaced
out by mesh.  I won't have to crochet more than about a couple of handfuls
of them to have enough to do an entire dress.  And I have seen dresses
trimmed with enough other large lace that I could make one of those using
Irish crochet instead and still feel like I had done a whole garment.

Well, now all I have to do is get to work.  (Procrastinate?  Me?  Never.) 

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