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Tue Jan 9 08:41:23 PST 2001

>And, thanks to these pictures, it no longer seems like it will take the
>rest of my life to do an Irish crochet garment.  The motifs are all spaced
>out by mesh.  I won't have to crochet more than about a couple of handfuls
>of them to have enough to do an entire dress.  And I have seen dresses
>trimmed with enough other large lace that I could make one of those using
>Irish crochet instead and still feel like I had done a whole garment.
>Well, now all I have to do is get to work.  (Procrastinate?  Me?  Never.)

Great sites indeed!  It certainly makes me want to get back to crocheting
full time again (but there are so many other styles of needlework I want to
do too!)

Just to throw this out there as an idea:  The dress I was married in the
second time - my REAL marriage -  was a 1911 tea dress.  It was made of
sheer lawn pieces connected by 1" wide lengths of Irish crochet lace.  The
waist was a 3" wide piece of the lace and there was a wider piece at the
collar too.  The sleeves were pieced, not only the length of the sleeve but
pieced at just above the elbow (around the arm), the skirt had either 6 or
8 panels to it, four to the front of the bodice and four pieces to the back
of the bodice.  And between each panel was the beatiful rose pattern
crochet lace.  It was my first vintage Edwardian dress and I felt like a
princess in it.  I made an coral-colored princess-seamed slip for
underneath and the color showed up as apricot through the lawn fabric.  My
sister and I  carried Roses of Sharon (apricot colored tinged with yellow
and pink) and ferns.  But that's not important here.

I don't remember the plan for your dress, but the panels of fabric
separated by the lengths of lace would certainly shorten the crocheting
time of any project.  It would also change the style of the completed
project, but it might not be as intimidating as a full-fledged completely
crocheted dress.

Just a thought.

Happy hooking,
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