HNW - Tatting suggestions

Betsy Perry betsyp at
Tue Jan 9 09:01:15 PST 2001

I bought myself netting supplies for Christmas because I'd like to make some
hairnets.  I'm also thinking about learning to tat, inspired by Mrs.
Warren's *Treasures in Needlework*.

The Lacis page says that needle tatting is actually easier, requires less
coordination, and handles a wider range of thread sizes than shuttle
tatting.  Is anybody on this list a tatter?  Do you agree with this comment?
Is there a book I could read to compare and contrast the two methods?  Being
a materials groupie, I am very taken by the pretty little abalone, brass,
wood, &c tatting shuttles, but I retain just enough self-restraint to avoid
shuttle tatting if it's harder to learn and produces no different results.

Betsy Perry

Elizabeth Hanes Perry
Rogue Wave Software 
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