HNW - Irish Crochet

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Tue Jan 9 16:03:32 PST 2001

Sounds lovely!

>Just to throw this out there as an idea:  The dress I was married in the
>second time - my REAL marriage -  was a 1911 tea dress.  It was made of
>sheer lawn pieces connected by 1" wide lengths of Irish crochet lace.  The
>waist was a 3" wide piece of the lace and there was a wider piece at the
>collar too. 
>I don't remember the plan for your dress, but the panels of fabric
>separated by the lengths of lace would certainly shorten the crocheting
>time of any project.  It would also change the style of the completed
>project, but it might not be as intimidating as a full-fledged completely
>crocheted dress.
>Just a thought.
>Happy hooking,
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