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Jennifer Crimmins elbereth5778 at
Tue Jan 9 23:29:48 PST 2001

Lady Katerine Rowley wrote:
>I've tried both needle and shuttle tatting - I definitely prefer needle!
>(When I tried shuttle tatting, I felt like I needed an extra hand.) The
>thing I like about needle tatting is that since the knots are formed on the
>needle until I close the loop, it's much easier to fix any mistakes. From
>what my teacher told me, there really isn't any difference in the knots, 
>only in how they are created. The patterns are certainly interchangable, as
>my mother and I have found. (She shuttles.)

Are there any sites that describe this method? I thought it was the same as 
the shuttle method - two needles taped together to form the shuttle, and 
I've stayed away from it because I like the way the shuttle fits into my 
hand.  I'm still a novice tatter and still run into problems with tension on 
my knots and end up having to scrap the motif - usually after a good hour's 
worth of work :(.  I learned from a 1940's sewing encyclopedia and it took 
me a while to figure out how to do it, but now that I know I have no problem 
working with the shuttle and have developed a natural rythm with it.  Does 
the needle method help with maintaining even tension - or is this another 
one of those things that takes practice, practice, practice?

Jenn :)
Barony of Bhakail, East Kingdom
(ever in search of the craft that you can master instantly)

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