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Wed Jan 10 05:44:38 PST 2001


>a 1911 tea dress.  It was made of
>sheer lawn pieces connected by 1" wide lengths of Irish crochet lace.  The
>waist was a 3" wide piece of the lace and there was a wider piece at the
>collar too.  The sleeves were pieced, not only the length of the sleeve but
>pieced at just above the elbow (around the arm), the skirt had either 6 or
>8 panels to it, four to the front of the bodice and four pieces to the back
>of the bodice.  And between each panel was the beatiful rose pattern
>crochet lace.  


>I don't remember the plan for your dress, but the panels of fabric
>separated by the lengths of lace would certainly shorten the crocheting
>time of any project.  It would also change the style of the completed
>project, but it might not be as intimidating as a full-fledged completely
>crocheted dress.
>Just a thought.

You don't remember the plan of my dress because there isn't one yet.  

But it doesn't have Irish crochet insertion.  I think I'd go nuts doing
Irish enough crochet insertion for a dress like that.  I have several
different pieces of that in my collection, and the thought of doing tens of
yards of it sounds boring.  (That's why I am not doing an Irish crochet
table cloth, out of little squares, either.)

Don't get me wrong.  I am going to do a dress of all of lawn and insertion.
 But I will use all modern lace.  I am copying one from a 1909 mail order
catalog (a Dover reprint).  I may go so far as to do an Irish crochet
medallion with dangling bobbles, to put on the front, but that's it.
Everything else will be machine Valenciennes, machine embroidered net, and
'chemical lace' (embroidery on a backing which is chemically dissolved away
afterwards, so that what is left is lace).

The kind of dress which has me drooling after Irish crochet has lots of
little motifs connected by crochet mesh.  I figured I could never have one
because I could never spare that many hundreds of dollars at once.  But now
that I am doing crochet in size 20 thread anyway, the fantasy dream of
having such a dress of my own becomes possible.  Now I can have any Irish
crochet garment I want.  With that empowering thought firmly in mind, plus
the giant cone of thread, I am willing to put in the hours/months this
thing is really going to take. 

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