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Fri Jan 12 18:30:56 PST 2001

>Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 03:50:59 -0500
>From: "Whiteworks" <judy at>
>Subject: Re: HNW - Tatting suggestions
>I learned tatting from if you have a chance to rent one, go for
>The needle tatting video currently offered for sale has the needle included
>and a short length of string to get you started.
>It *is* easier than shuttle tatting.  (My lack of experience shows on the
>multitude of different sized picots when I tat with a shuttle.  A small mark
>with a Sharpie pen on the tatting needle makes them very uniform!)

Well, I don't know about being easier. At least not for this shuttle tatter 
<g>.  Making even picots just takes practice, like anything else we do. I 
especially like working with fine cotton (size 50 and smaller) because of 
the lovely lacy result.

And shuttle tatting *is* the original technique from the 19th century. It 
apparently developed from knotting, which used a larger shuttle and was 
often done with large-sized thread or cord. AFAIK needle tatting is a 
modern development, though if it makes it easier for some folks to enjoy 
the craft, I say "more power to it". But I'll stick with my shuttles.

Joan Jurancich
Sacramento, CA
joanj at

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