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I think this is going to be good fun.  I was talking to Erwina and Carol last month and they were looking forward to it.  My friend from Atlanta will be there.  She recently purchased another of the line of Hale samplers (an RT sampler).

I've been having a few good days here in the UK sitting in the rare books room over at the British Library fondling 16th century pattern books and herbals and such.  I've finally decided to go ahead and bring out a facsimile copy of the 19th century reprint of Quentel which I own although it is missing some of the plates.  I'm coming to the conclusion that even the 19th century copies of that edition are scarce on the ground.  All the 19th century reprints are now in the rare book category and they are all in pitiable condition.  The paper they used was uniformly self-destructive.  Also had a little feel of an early edition of Bacon essays bound in velvet and embroidered with gold.  I'll include one of the motifs from that book in my goldwork class notebooks this year.

Hope everyone has recovered from the festivities and is stitching like mad.

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> Received in mail yesterday.(And I can't go - end of whine)

May 12, 2001
Atlanta, Ga
Sampler Dames in England and America
(17th/18th samplers teachers -Judith Hayle, Elizabeth and Ann Marsh plus
other anonymous teachers)
one day slide lecture
Edwina Ehrman - Museum of London
Betty Ring - author
Carol Humphrey - Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge

Sponsored by   (Kathy Epstein Staples)
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