HNW - Ongoing Nostalgic Needle question

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Wed Jan 31 15:34:48 PST 2001

I'm willing to bet ( hmm  perhaps only a small sum ) that it's cross stitch
over two threads on linen. The curves would have a less angular look about
them if it was petit point over one thread.  The beads on the mermaids
necklace are either french knots or seed beads and would be larger in
proportion I think, if it was petit point. Lastly, if I also assume that the
spangles are standard sized sequins, it couldnt be petit point.  Hope you
find my reasoning a little bit helpful.

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> Does anybody recognize what technique the Mermaid Purse
> is done in?  Because I find it utterly charming, but if that's petit
> it could take longer than my expected remaining lifetime to complete.
> Betsy Perry
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