[HNW] Re: [HNW] Where to find   J. & P. Coats knit-cro-sheen

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Wed Jan 24 04:12:43 PST 2001

>Hobby Lobby,

I don't think we have those in the SF Bay area.  But that reminded me to
keep my eyes open for smaller craft stores when I go to other parts of the


I'll try them again.  I only found the cheap stuff last time I was there.
I prefer using J & P Coats thread because it's softer, not stiff and wiry
like the cheap stuff.

My usual J & P Coats thread source lately is when my local thrift store
gets some, which only happens occasionally.  I sometimes find bags with
really weird variegated stuff, tatting cotton, or Royal Society brand stuff
from the 20's.

>and Wal mart usually carry the size ten and Wal
>mart has the size 20 and  30 in white.

Northern CA Wal marts don't seem to carry J & P Coats thread, only the
cheap stuff, but they do have a good selection of crochet hooks.  (I went
there yesterday and couldn't find any, which is why I posted.)  OTOH,
Lacis, local to me, always has white and ecru in any brand or size
currently made, if I want to pay their prices.

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