[HNW] Irish crochet in the 1850's

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Thu Jan 25 03:03:50 PST 2001

Were the Irish doing Irish crochet as early as the 1850's?  When did Irish
crochet start being commercially produced?  When was the potato famine?  Is
the potato famine what drove the wave of Irish immigration in the
mid-1800's, and was there much Irish immigration prior to it?

I want to do some Irish crochet for Dickens' Faire (roughly
'mid-Victorian') and want to be able to wear the same pieces at American
Civil War events without getting slammed by the costume purists.  Since
Irish crochet was used to imitate expensive handmade laces, I figured I
could use Irish crochet to copy any lace I could document to that period
and it would be correct.  My collar and day cap will show, so I want
hand-made lace for them.  (My underwear, which won't show, gets
machine-made-repro lace.)

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