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Magdalena magdlena at
Sat Mar 3 14:06:47 PST 2001

    I recently picked up a bag of oddments from an
unknown lady's sewing box at a junk store, and I was
wondering if someone out there could enlighten me as to
the probable use of some of the bits and pieces.  It
looks like most of the bits originate in the U.K.  I
would love to know the story of how they ended up in
Texas, but I suppose I shall have to stay curious.  ;>

The bits I don't recognize:

87 mm needle - long hole, sharp end, fairly thick in
(It's longer and thinner than anything else in my
collection of comparable size)

Pink metal arrow - the arrowhead end is a flat
triangle, the middle is cylindrical, and the fletching
end is printed "R.M.S Orion" on one side and "Orient
Line" on the other.  Is this a souvenir from a cruise,
a needleworking tool, or both?

?A sacking repair needle - 76 mm long and 2mm in
diameter, huge hole, sharp end.  This looks like my
sack needle, but it's longer and much thicker.  I've
never seen a needle this thick before. It is stamped
"Made in England."

76 mm ?needle - 2 holes, small followed by long;
flattened rather than cylindrical, end is chiseled with
one side more sharply angles, but is not sharp.  It is
stamped "Made in England"

7 cm ?needle - 3 mm wide, completely flat, long hole,
end is sort of like the needle above, except that it
has a rounded side instead of the shorter angle. It is
stamped "Made in England."

A big wooden spool of very strange thread.  The thread
looks glazed like polished cotton.  One side of the
spool says "The Oriental Glace`  10" and the other
"John Dewhurst & Sons Ltd.  Color 9   1000 Skipton
Yards."  What is this kind of thread for, and what is
it called?

What are mending wool and mending cotton used for?


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