HNW - questions from a sewing box

Magdalena magdlena at
Sat Mar 3 22:16:31 PST 2001

Robert Romberger wrote:

>     These sound like some needles used for sewing heavy cloth (canvas and the
> like) or working with leather.

Leather needles have a tri-corner _sharp_ edge (my fingers may not survive my new
gloves) and the sail repair needles (that I've seen) have a curve at the end.  Good
guesses though.  ;>

> > A big wooden spool of very strange thread.
>     Sounds like a version of a heavy cotton thread used for sails? or heavy
> cloth work (canvas?).

It's a thought, though this stuff is about the same weight as my sewing thread.
I've never seen sailcloth thread.


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