HNW - questions from a sewing box

Deborah Pulliam pulliam at
Sun Mar 4 06:13:05 PST 2001

First of all, virtually all needles used in the US in the 19 and well into
the 20c were made in England, so it's not unusual they ended up in Texas.

<<76 mm ?needle - 2 holes, small followed by long;
flattened rather than cylindrical, end is chiseled with
one side more sharply angles, but is not sharp.  It is
stamped "Made in England">>

This sounds like a lacing needle.

Needles with chiseled tips and "sides" (often a triangular tip) are usually
leather needles - for cleanly cutting a hole, instead of punching through.
They're also used for canvas work.

Glace thread is used for leather work.

I have a feeling you've got a box of oddments from a shoe repair shop or
saddlery, not a lady's sewing kit.


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