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Sun Mar 4 07:12:56 PST 2001

Magdalena <magdlena at> asked about:

> > 76 mm ?needle - 2 holes, small followed by long;
>  > flattened rather than cylindrical, end is chiseled with
>  > one side more sharply angles, but is not sharp.  It is
>  > stamped "Made in England"
>  > 7 cm ?needle - 3 mm wide, completely flat, long hole,
>  > end is sort of like the needle above, except that it
>  > has a rounded side instead of the shorter angle. It is
>  > stamped "Made in England."

These sound exactly like the bodkins I have for inserting cord into a casing 
or ribbon through lace insertion.  Small hole is for cord, long hole is for 
ribbon or larger cord.  Needle is flat to fit through casing or hole in 
laces, narrow but not sharp so it will open a path but won't pierce the 
casing or lace.

> Pink metal arrow - the arrowhead end is a flat
> triangle, the middle is cylindrical, and the fletching
> end is printed "R.M.S Orion" on one side and "Orient
> Line" on the other.  Is this a souvenir from a cruise,
> a needleworking tool, or both?

(LOL) I want to guess both.  When I was reading the description of the shape, 
I immediately thought "for packing stuffing into toys and pincusions!"  Who's 
to say the unknown needleworker didn't think the same thing, wherever she 
first saw it?

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