HNW - questions from a sewing box

CarolynKayta Barrows kayta at
Sun Mar 4 11:35:01 PST 2001

>No, really, it's a ladies sewing kit.  I'm afraid I only described the
things I
>didn't recognize.  It had embroidery thread, millinary wire, twill tape, hooks
>and eyes, lots of other needles, etc etc.  From the contents of her sewing
>it sounds like she did all sorts of interesting needlework.

Or maybe some things got mixed in later.  Some dealers lump like things
together , the better to sell them.  Another possibility is that both the
husband and wife sewed, and one died, and the surviving one put all the
sewing stuff together, then the other one died and the dealer got all of it
in a bag.  It certainly is an all-purpose assortment.
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