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Deborah Pulliam pulliam at
Mon Mar 5 05:33:42 PST 2001

<< the sail repair needles (that I've seen) have a curve at the end. >>

Not all sail needles have curved ends, by any means. It's just one type,
used for specialized work (usually called a sacking needle). The majority
of sailmaker's needles are straight, with the same tri corner tip as
leather needles (although not as highly sharpened) and many of them are
huge. I have some that are so large I've had people ask if they're a gag.

<< if my hypothetical lady had bought hooks & eyes here the brand would be
Dritz or one of the others.  They certainly wouldn't mention the Queen
Mother.  ;>>>

Again, not necessarily. Even when I was a kid (1950s, in case you're
wondering) I can remember that the hooks and eyes (and snaps) on cards in
my mother's sewing box were marked with Dritz and other familiar brands,
but also said "made in England." This was stuff bought at the local
department store, not specialized stuff.

<<> This sounds like a lacing needle.

A lacing needle?  As in lacing up a garment?>>

Probably not. More like lacing up a storage bag, or lacing ribbon through
lace, etc. (like a bodkin.)

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