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Short list
Treasury:  Syon Cope; Jesse Cope; Coptic embroideries
Ecclesiastic Gallery:  Or Nue miter and cope; funeral pall
Islamic Gallery:  Early Egyptian black on white embroidery
Indian Gallery:  early goldwork and Mogul embroidered men's costumes
Costume Gallery:  Just about everything<G>
Japanese Gallery:  Sashiko; kimono resists
Cole Wing:  European Ornament

2nd floor:
Silver Gallery:  Needlework tools
Iron Gallery:  Needlework tools
Jewelry:  Needlework tools
Hunt Tapestries:  for costumes
Lace room:  be sure to open drawers; early lacis; table cover with several
designs identifiable in Vinciollo
Textile gallery (ethnic):  Linen shift from King Tut's tomb; Mrs. Pesel's
stitch samplers; Moroccan sampler; Ikat weaving
Textile gallery:  Standing frames; falconry embroidery; Judah Hale Sampler;
Slips; ES/MS embroideries;
Textile Gallery, Frames:  Check frame ends for listings of items.  Early
English blackwork - lower numbers of G; European embroideries I, J, etc.

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> I'm off for a first-time visit to London soon.  I have one day set aside
> to go to the V&A.  Anything in particular I should be sure not to miss?
> --Charlene
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