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Carol Thomas scbooks at
Sat Mar 10 05:45:08 PST 2001

>I'm off for a first-time visit to London soon.  I have one day set aside
>to go to the V&A.  Anything in particular I should be sure not to miss?

When I was there, they allowed cameras, but not flash, in the study room.
If you have  a camera that will let you take fairly long exposures, you may
want to try taking some pictures.

The thing I learned 2 years too late: to take long, clear exposures, put 2
chairs back to back, and put a bag of rice on the top.  It will hold your
camera steady.  You may need to take a bit of duct tape to take some of the
slack out of the plastic bag the rice is in.  There are chairs by the table
in the textile study room.

The bag-of-rice trick can also be used on a friend's shoulder in other
parts of the museum.  Or sit on the floor with the rice on your knee. You
can do this where tripods are not allowed, and get good pictures.

If I ever get back, I want 2-3 days at the V&A, with my camera and a whole
pad of graph paper!


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