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>>  it seems that the H. & K. were for Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon. 
>Well, at least that marriage lasted long enough to get the embroidery done
>I wonder if his needleworkers started using more Tudor roses and fewer
>initials, as time went on.

The big stuff (tournament drapery, etc.) could certainly have been 
painted rather than embroidered, but yes, this marriage definitely 
lasted the longest and generated the most stuff with initials on it.

IIRC, we do see H & A for Henry and Anne (Boleyn) in at least one 
architectural site whose name escapes me at the moment. But after 
that, the fashion seems to have changed -- and though it's fun to 
speculate, the fashion seems to have changed in general away from the 
use of initials and towards other motifs, not just for this king in 
this country. (You do see it later, of course, but not as commonly, 
especially not as commonly on fabric after the 1520s or so.)
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