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Sun Mar 11 19:17:48 PST 2001

>When I was there, they allowed cameras, but not flash, in the study room.
>If you have  a camera that will let you take fairly long exposures, you may
>want to try taking some pictures.

When I was at the V&A last September (escaping the Olympics), I was allowed to
take flash photography everywhere, expect for some particular rooms where no
photography was allowed at all.

I was happily taking photos in the study room when the security guard spotted me
and walked over.  I was terrified that I'd misunderstood the camera instructions
I asked about when I entered the museum.  When the guard got to me, he gave me
pointers about how to stop the flash reflecting back from the glass. (which is
to take the photo at an angle to the glass).  I used 400 speed film and a
relatively cheap camera and my photos turned out better than I expected, with or
without flash.

One day is not enough communing with the textiles.  If you have a
not-embroidery-obsessed companion, try to find them something else to see.  My
S.O. saw the rest of the V&A while I stayed mostly in one room.  I ran out of
time to see the jewelry or armour. Just as well though...  my brain was full.

                              (Syndey, Australia)

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