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Tue Mar 13 05:03:56 PST 2001

While we were stationed in England at RAF Lakenheath, the kids did a lot
of field trips via DOD schools.  I tried to chaperone as many as I
could.  We lived only 15 miles from Cambridge and one field trip
included this terrific city.  I had been to Cambridge many, many, many
times and thought I knew quite a bit about it.  The field trip consisted
of a many-paged handout, several 5th graders and a walking tour.  You
walked where the handout told you and read the paper.  In King's College
Chapel is some of the most awe inspiring woodworking and stained glass
you can imagine.  On the wooden panels are carved the intertwined
initials H & A (Henry and Anne).  The handout stated when Henry married
Anne Boleyn he had their initials carved, painted, engraved, etc on any
surface he could think of.  When she was beheaded, he ordered every set
of initials destroyed.  King's College oaken panels are so beautiful,
they escaped destruction.  (Don't know if Henry realized this or not!)

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