HNW - Tablet weaving

Nic Deplazes deplazes at
Mon Mar 19 05:42:17 PST 2001

There is a book called Eccleisiastic Pomp (or something like that - someone 
borrowed my copy) that has lots of these kinds of patterns.  The author is 
Nancy Spies.  I can forward your request to her and she can tell you where 
to get a copy.


At 07:53 AM 3/19/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm new to the list, and have just been lurking a bit. I'm really 
>interested in learning how to do tablet weaving - but only the kind where 
>pictures, letters, etc., are created - dark and light patterning?  I've 
>spun a ton of silk, and would like to do something other than needlework 
>or lace for which I've used it in the past. Years ago, I got a kit that 
>contained some tablets and a book by Candace Crockett, which I just 
>recently opened, and tried the first band.  No problems with it, but not 
>what I want to do.  When I looked farther on in the book, I did see some 
>explanation for the dark and light patterning, but it is a bit 
>confusing.  I've looked at some web sites, but haven't found anything that 
>really shows one what to do. I think I need to see a pattern - with 
>instructions - where pictures and or letters appear. If I can do it once 
>with a pattern, I think I'll have it.
>Does anyone know where I might find such information?
>Any help will be greatly appreciated.
>Thank you,
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