HNW - x-rated historical embroidery?

Karen karen_larsdatter at
Mon Mar 19 14:14:19 PST 2001

> Anybody here ever embroider anything both x-rated and historical? 
> That would be a juicy thread.  That is if there ever was any
> historical thing both embroidered and x-rated.  Now that I think
> of it, I can't recall any x-rated historical embroidery this side
> of the Hippie 1970's.  (The pictures are in 'Native Funk and
> Flash', the best collection of Hippie-period needlework ever
> published.)

There's definitely the lewd nudes in the margins of the Bayeux Tapestry
(including the man with the ... er ... Proportionately Large Member ...
chasing a nekkid lady ... also in the margins, there's a naked man
working with some farming implements ... the significance of these
figures is discussed in the commentary in Wolfgang Grape's book on the
Bayeux Tapestry)

I think I remember some others that were more or less just artistic
nudes ... not X-rated in the long run, really.

I suppose in its day the Malterer Hanging was a sort of discourse on
pure/impure love ... not really X-rated, though ...


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