HNW - Blackwork Article

Lynn Downward ldownward at
Mon Mar 19 15:43:17 PST 2001

There's a blackwork embroidery LIST!!!???? Would you mind sharing the
address?  I'd love to join up.


>Hi everybody
>I am currently preparing an article on Blackwork
>(mostly for my BellaOnline site, but also doing
>research for a piece for the Worshipful Company of
>Broiderers here in Lochac).  I have done a lot of
>research, but what I would like is to get impressions
>of embroiderers on what they feel Blackwork is.
>What I am getting together is what you think makes
>Blackwork Blackwork.  Is it the texture, colour, or
>something else.
>I have asked this on the Blackwork embroidery list,
>and am now spreading it out further to get as many
>responses as I can.
>I cna be contacted privately on madilayn at or
>at embroidery at
>Thank you
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