HNW - Re: Blackwork Article

Karen karen_larsdatter at
Mon Mar 19 18:16:38 PST 2001

I would have to say that the definition of the term "blackwork" depends
on the context in which you seek to define it.

In terms of the modern definition -- when we speak as twenty-first
century women discussing embroidery -- the term "blackwork" can apply
to any pattern worked in double running stitch and/or backstitch,
regardless of color(s) used.

But if we are speaking within a portrayal of sixteenth century
Englishwomen discussing blackwork embroidery ... or speaking of
blackwork within the contexts of the 16th & 17th centuries ... we are
speaking of embroidery wrought in black silk (or wool) on white fabric,
in any of a range of stitches -- speckling, split, stem, chain,
fill-in, and so forth.


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