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Tue Mar 20 05:20:32 PST 2001


My thanks to everyone who kindly responded to my question.  I will go 
to the weavershand web site today to see what I can learn.  I think 
what confuses me most is all the flipping vertically, horizontally, 
turning this way and that, and yet not having the end of the warp 
become a twisted mess.  It's mind boggling to me the amount of 
thought that must be involved to figure out how to do a pattern and 
at the same time reverse all turns and twists to come out right. 
There are no books with instructions and many patterns for 
double-faced weaving?

The other question I have regards the tension.  On the one bit of a 
band I did - about 15 inches worth, I fiddled around with the 
tension. I found that with a loose tension, the stitches (correct 
term?) do not have as pleasant an appearance as they did when I 
pulled the weft VERY tightly - almost yanking the thread.  I don't 
like the spiky look, or the points that appear when I used a loose 
tension.  I don't know if I'm explaining myself very well here. 
Anyway, historically, were these bands woven tightly?

Again, thanks so much for all your help, and particularly, all your 
patience. I'm determined to get the hang of this.  I used to love 
needlework, but now have trouble seeing the fine stitches.  I have 
late-stage Lyme disease, and it has really taken a toll on my 
eye-sight. Tablet weaving, if I can ever get the hang of it, might be 
something I can do.  Apart from that, it will certainly use up the 
vast piles of spun yarn that are covering most of the surfaces in my 

All the best,


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