Scarlet Stitch (was:Re: HNW - Re: Blackwork Article

Frank Thallas hardcorps at
Tue Mar 20 12:31:32 PST 2001

   What time frame are we talking?  Quite a number of "blackwork" pieces
done in red in the 16th century, and then later on (19th?) you have the
fashion for "redwork" embroidery - usually pictorial outlines worked on
white fabric and used for quilts, pillow covers, etc...


> I have a question for  you ladies.  I have not e-mailed anything on this
> list and I am very new to blackwork.  Most of my embroidery has been using
> beads.   Is scarlet stitch the same as blackwork  just using red thread
> instead.
> Auriana Ravenstein
> Shire of Vogelburg-Herald
> Principality of Gleann Abhann
> Kingdom of Meridies

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