HNW - 15th/16th c. embroidery

Diane S. Sawyer tasha_medved at
Tue Mar 20 22:33:16 PST 2001

--- Avien <Avien-Diora at> wrote:

> I
> know blackwork was used but after reading some of the recent
> messages, I
> think the books I ordered won't work.  Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.  Thanks.
> Avien

Do you know how to do blackwork?  If not, The Blackwork Archives has
a great tutorial on reversible running stitch.

She has some really nice patterns in there, too.  Oo, look... new

It's almost a shame that I recreate 13th century Russia and
Mongolia... I love doing blackwork.  Oh well.  I'll just make some as
a gift or prize or something, if I really get the urge.  There's a
silk Chinese court robe with an embroidered dragon on the back
niggling at my brain right now, though.


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