HNW - book?

CarolynKayta Barrows kayta at
Tue Mar 20 23:47:05 PST 2001

Yes.  And, as I recall, it has at least two pieces of what might be called
x-rated needlework.  And at more than a quarter of a century old, the stuff
in it is certainly historical.  (At least my teenagers think Hippies were
historical - one of them even interviewed me for a history class project.)

>Is this the book you mean?
>"Native Funk and Flash; an emerging folk art"
>Jacopetti, Alexandra (text) and Wainwright, Jerry (photos)
>Published by Scrimshaw Press, 1974
>ISBN 0912020377; 0912020385 (pbk)
>no price listed
>496 libraries (world wide) listed as owning a copy
>CarolynKayta Barrows wrote:
>> >> 'Native Funk and Flash', the best collection of
>> >> Hippie-period needlework ever published.)

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