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> I hoping to get some help.  I'm sort of new to embroidering, I do some
>  cross-stitch and a few other things.  Anyway, I'm making another set of
>  RenFest costumes and I would like to embroider them.  I'm looking at late
>  15th and early 16th c.

The advice people are giving you about blackwork is excellent for Tudor and 
Elizabethan period dress (16th C) but I'm not sure it's so good for the 15th. 
 I do mid to late 15th C. recreation and my experience has been that despite 
the occasional costume book pronouncing that "of course the nobles had 
lavishly embroidered clothing" you just don't see embroidery on 15th C 
garments.  The exceptions are some liturgical vestments, but no one but a 
clergyman would wear them and then not every day.

If anyone has solid evidence for embroidered garments, especially for women, 
especially for 1460-1480 *please* share with the group.  I keep wishing I 
could justify embroidery on the piece that fills the front of the v-necked 
gown ....

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